A t   t h e   T o e   o f   t h e   C o n t i n e n t
The Albin/Juliars in South Africa

It's a Jungle Out There (Not!)

We've got lots of animals here that we don't normally see in the States. We've taken pictures of many of them. But not all with the digital camera. Here are just those in digital form. We'll add more to our menagerie as we shoot them.

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The ubiquitous baboon. Lot's of them around here, especially in the Cape Point National Park. We see them on the roads, in the parking lots. Any place they might pick up some scraps. But don't get too close to them. They're wild and they scratch and bite.
Adorable as always, though so formal. It's those short feet and waddling walk. Boulder Bay, a rock and sand beach just outside of Simon's Town, not more than an hour south of Cape Town, has had a colony for the last 10 years. They just showed up one day and now the town has to put up with the flood of human gawkers, like us.

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