A t   t h e   T o e   o f   t h e   C o n t i n e n t
The Albin/Juliars in South Africa

At the Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is not quite the southernmost point on the African continent. But it is the “south-westernmost” point and a fascinating hour trip south of Cape Town. It has baboons, elands, ostriches, and bonteboks, flora found nowhere else in the world and vertiginous views at the point the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Actually, the Cape Peninsula has two points, Cape Point with a lighthouse and a tourist funicular, and the Cape of Good Hope. Look at a map and check it out.

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Proof that we really were at the Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Point from the Cape of Good Hope.

Brave Anna, and doing it in sandals.

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