A t   t h e   T o e   o f   t h e   C o n t i n e n t
The Albin/Juliars in South Africa

Our Very Fair City

Camps Bay is politically part of Cape Town. But it doesn't feel it. To get to it from the downtown, or “bowl”, of Cape Town, you usually drive up a winding road that ascends to the “neck” between Table Mt. and the Lion's Head. Suddenly, splashed out down to your right are homes, a crescent beach and the Atlantic Ocean. You've entered another universe.

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Camps Bay can be a visually dramatic place.

Beach, mountains, clouds.

Road, mountains, clouds.

More beach, more mountains, more clouds.

A not unusual Camps Bay sunset.

Noah taking in Camps Bay from Table Mt. upper cable station.

The Lion's Head (it doesn't look much like a lion's head from this side, but it really does when you approach Cape Town from the east) from the grass verge on the Camps Bay beach.

Sonnekus, our home. But just a piece of it.

C 024
Another (yawn) sunset.

The tidal pool, a piece of the downtown strip and some of the Twelve Apostles behind.

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