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The Albin/Juliars in South Africa

Once Upon a Time in 2001...

We (that is, Michael, Susie, Anna, and Noah) are nestled into a flat (not apartment) in beautiful, downtown Camps Bay, a seaside townlet of Cape Town, South Africa.

Camps Bay is a part of Cape Town the way that Rego Park is part of Queens, New York. But Rego Park doesn't have a run of mountains (the Twelve Apostles) behind it, a broadly curving, white-sand beach in front of it, bright sidewalk cafes along its main street, a bowling club (the kind you do on green grass, not on oak wood), adorable (but what a headache, about which more later) uniforms on its schoolchildren, and, directly across the street from the beach, a seven-story red-brick block of flats called Sonnekus (Afrikaans for Sun Coast), where we just happen to live during our six months in this reborn land.

First, here are some of our photos and letters from Susie and Anna to give you an idea of what we're up against here.


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